When the Going Gets Tough

posted Aug 25, 2018, 1:59 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Aug 25, 2018, 2:41 PM ]
As a Fitness Instructor, one of the most important goals I've set personally is to cultivate a safe environment for my participants. Feeling safe is a basic human need, and my desire is to know that people feel accepted unconditionally when they walk in the door, regardless of who they are, what kind of day they've had, or whether or not they're sticking to their goals. There is no judgment or comparison. I've had people tell me that they look forward to my classes because they always know they will be met with a smile... and sometimes that's the only genuine smile they've seen all day. As a health coach as well as an instructor, I'm also always willing to stay and chat after class if there is a need. Listening is a skill that seems to be lacking in today's society, but I understand how important it is for individuals to be able to express themselves at times and feel they're being heard and understood. They may not be looking for a solution to their problem... just someone who will let them talk about it openly - someone with whom they feel safe.

Sometimes things happen in your life, however, wherein the atmosphere of a class environment can't meet a much deeper need, as good as you feel when you attend. Life can be very stressful, and many of us face things such as ongoing anxiety, depression, struggles in a marriage or other relationships, stress on the job, dealing with a parent with Alzheimer's... the list goes on... Now and then it can be beneficial to speak with a trained professional who can provide some objective advice and counsel. This doesn't mean you're a failure by any means... in fact, recognizing that you need some extra help is a very positive thing!

I'm very pleased to recommend the services offered through NowFeelGood.com. Matthew Miller's approach mirrors my desires as stated above in that he offers a safe environment with no judgment. He is very skilled at helping you come to a deeper understanding of yourself and your current situation, whatever that may be. As Matthew states on his site, "it is healing and healthy for you to be validated and understood." His approach blends counseling (what you need today, in the present moment) with therapy (insights into the 'why' behind why you do what you do). Whether you are in the middle of a life crisis, hoping to understand how events from childhood are influencing your choices today, struggling with addictions or another life issue, Now Feel Good counseling may be just what you need. Matthew offers a free initial consultation by phone (up to 30 minutes). Give him a call and feel free to tell him I referred you.

e-mail: Matthew@nowfeelgood.com
phone: (587)220-1384
(please, absolutely no soliciting calls or e-mails)