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Our Specialty: Walk 15® Classes
From the creators of Walk at Home

Fast and easy 15-minute miles!

Walk 15® is a group exercise class for people of all ages and fitness lvels. This is a fitness program that virtually anyone can do... it's for ALL WALKS OF LIFE!

Get big results by walking this way. We bring the fun to walking with moves set to the beat of hit music! 
We measure our miles by the beat using Walk at Home's "steps to miles" system, giving you the speed you need! Our easy-to-learn format allows people of all fitness levels to feel successful the first time they try it!

Programs for Older Adults 
    • Maintain flexibility and range of motion as we age
    • Build confidence and self-efficacy 
    • Improve balance, mobility and stability 
    • You can be in your prime of life at any age!
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Corporate Wellness
    • Get your employees away from their desks for a heart-pumping workout over lunch hour that will clear the mind and give them energy for the rest of the day!
    • Great for a productive, healthy work force!
    • Reduce absenteeism due to illness!
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Special Events & Fundraisers                                                                                       (image courtesy Walk at Home)
    • Conferences: Give your delegates the opportunity to get up and get moving to pep them up between sessions!
    • Walk Concerts are a great way to raise money for charity! It feels like a rock concert!
    • Nancy Ehle is available for speaking engagements - health and wellness is a poignant, relevant topic today, and Nancy's passion for walking for overall health is contagious! Call 403-354-4905 for availability and rates.
Strength Training

  A stationary strength training class will do even more to strengthen and tone your body. When we 
  work on muscle, we improve the body's composition, raising our metabolic rate at rest. This is 
  key for maintaining weight loss. When your body is stronger, you will feel stronger mentally, 
  emotionally and spiritually - they're all intricately connected. The bonus is that sculpted muscles   
  look amazing! For more info, visit: or contact Nancy at 403-354-4905 

One-On-One Health Coaching 
For information and costs, visit: 

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Phone: 403-354-4905  
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