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Prime Time Fitness

What's YOUR Prime Time?
We were designed to move, and whether you're in your 40's or your 80's, regular physical activity is critical for longevity. In fact, you can feel in the prime of your life at any age! Low-impact exercise will help build your bones, which is particularly important for women in all stages of menopause and post-menopausal years. Keeping the joints limber and mobile means you'll be able to reach over your head for items on the top shelf in the kitchen or grocery store (it will improve your golf swing, too!). Keeping your muscles strong and toned can be the difference between keeping your independence in our later years or making that tough decision to go into assisted living. 

 From the creators of Walk at Home, our Walk 15® classes offer a  complete wellness package in a sense. Science has proven that  walking is medicine - in fact, there's no pill on the market that will  provide all of the benefits of brisk walking. When you combine it  with simple moves across all planes of motion and throw in  strength and resistance training, you have a prescription for a  lifetime of good health, regardless of your age. Get an automatic  refill every time you lace up your sneakers!

 Move & Groove - of my own design, this 60-minute  class combines balance exercises with gentle cardio, strength &  resistance training, exercises to strengthen and stabilize the core  (you'll need to bring a mat), and flexibility to keep you limber and  mobile. Suitable for all ages - you must be able to get down and up  off the floor unassisted.  

 Both programs offer gentle, low-impact workouts in a fun, safe  environment - improve heart health; deal with stress, anxiety and  depression; strengthen bones and joints; improve memory and  cognitive function; increase energy and stamina; improve flexibility  and range of motion; and so much more!

The class formats are currently available at our Evergreen Village location in Thorncliffe NE, but we can also come to YOU!  

If you have a recreation room in your housing, condo or apartment complex, have access to a local community center or church hall, or even a large foyer in your building, we can get a class going! Instructor Cost is just $50 per class. Have your Activities Coordinator or Program Director contact me:

Call Nancy:  403-354-4905
(no soliciting/marketing calls/e-mails, please)

Nancy Ehle is a Master WALK 15® Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach. She also holds several other industry certifications and/or specialties. Her passion for helping others achieve the best health of their lives is infectious! Follow her on Facebook: