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Rock Your New Year!

posted Jan 21, 2018, 2:39 PM by Walk Strong Calgary

We are officially 3 weeks into 2018, and it's a great time to check in and see how you're making out with your health and wellness goals. One of the best ways to ensure success is to make a plan ... but you must follow through with it. Many of us have the best of intentions at the beginning of the year, and maybe even sat down and wrote out some goals. Today, right now, stop and take account - what steps have you taken to date toward one or more of those goals for 2018? Make note of these on your goal list and say, "Well done!"

I freely admit - I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions. Never have been. I don't particularly like setting personal goals, mostly because it's too much like work. Creating a performance plan on the job was always one of the tasks I dreaded, and doing it at home, too? I'd rather not. Just NOT. But I've learned over the years just how beneficial goal-setting can be. If kept simple, realistic, and measurable, one can glean great satisfaction in the feeling of success in accomplishing those goals.

It's not too late to set goals for the year or even to tweak them. Life events can mean a slight change in direction, even this early in the year. This is not failure; quite the contrary - it means you're just altering things to ensure long-term success, and this demonstrates wisdom. Give yourself permission to change things up as needed throughout the year. Sometimes it's okay to go with the flow!

Rock Your New Year - Where to Start
If you've never set personal goals or have had trouble accomplishing them in the past, there are some great tools out there that can help. One of them is called 'S.M.A.R.T.' goal setting, wherein each letter of the word stands for something in the goal-setting process: S = Specific; M = Measurable; A = Attainable; R = Relevant; T = Time Bound. If you can set goals around these parameters, you'll be much more likely to accomplish them. 

Just recently, thanks to the Leadership Team of Walk 15®, I learned of two more letters to add - E and R... making them 'SMARTER' goals. I love it! E = Evaluate, which is what I've asked you to do today, even though we've really just got the year going. R... is my new favorite... REWARD! Yes, you can plan to REWARD yourself when you've achieved a goal! Now don't go overboard and consider a binge on ice cream Sundays as a reward... keep the rewards healthy. Maybe one ice cream Sunday... or gelato... for me, gelato would be a lovely reward! LOL! How about a new pair of fitness shoes or a step counter? How about a date night with your spouse? Or that new outfit you've been eyeing up? A massage... a manicure... a new hairdo... a day at the spa with a girlfriend... there are any number of ways to reward yourself - and you're WORTH it!

Additional Resources
If you'd like some additional guidance, whether in setting your goals or with following through, I have a FREE worksheet that you may find very helpful! Send an e-mail to walkstrongcalgary@gmail.com and I will send you the PDF. Walk STRONG out there!

Coming Fall 2017 - We're Taking Walk 15® to a Higher Level!

posted Sep 17, 2017, 5:44 PM by Walk Strong Calgary

I'm very excited to announce that I have recently partnered with Higher Level Sports Academy in NE Calgary, where we will be offering Walk 15® Classes starting mid-October 2017!

This is a very fitting program for HLSA, whose owner, Eddie Escobar, has an overall goal to help people of all ages build confidence through athletics. With Walk 15®, we take the simplest form of exercise and truly take it to a higher level. The moves are easy to follow and the low-impact nature of the program allows virtually anyone to participate. We move the body through all planes of motion in an overall body-toning, calorie torching workout that gets lasting results. If you're new to exercise, you will definitely build confidence in this class, along with endurance and improved overall health... your JOY levels will rise as well!

Q: "Can I try it out first?"   
A:  "Yes, you can!"
Join me for a FREE demo class on Wednesday, September 20 from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. at Higher Level Sports Academy's facility located at Bay #8, 1411 - 33 Street NE. We'll be giving away some great door prizes! 

Register by e-mail: office@higherlevelsportsacademy.com 
Phone:  403-836-7416

 "Let's WALK Together... because Together, we are STRONGER." 

Walk 15® Master Instructors "Crush It!" at IDEA World in Las Vegas

posted Jul 29, 2017, 3:33 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Jul 29, 2017, 3:41 PM ]

Peace. Love. WALK.
Hot and sweaty took on a whole new meaning on July 22 as we walked a 'Marathon of Miles' at the IDEA World Convention in Las Vegas! 109°F outdoors ... thank the Lord for air conditioning! Walk at Home made their presence known in the Expo throughout the weekend with live demos featuring Master Walk 15® Instructors from across the continent... New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Alaska, California, Canada... to name a few regions represented. 
What an honor to be a part of such a prestigious event! We were joined on Saturday by program creator Leslie Sansone, who brought along several of her cast members from recent DVDs, including Nick, Kamilah, and Nicole, as well as Brittany, whom many may remember from some of the earlier videos back in the 80's-90's. These folks brought their energy and delivered all day long - even 'Elvis' made an appearance, along with 'Cher!' Attendees were given a variety of free merchandise, including Walk at Home DVDs and "Walk On!" Tees, as well as an opportunity to register for certification at a discounted rate. 

Our overall goal was to showcase our Walk 15® program using our on-site team of Instructors, who brought their best all weekend long! With high-energy demos of other class formats on either side of our booth, our WALK 15® brand was up to the challenge, often drawing people in to join us. Congratulations to everyone involved - we 'crushed it!'

One of the highlights for me was a conversation I had with Kamilah Forster, creator of  Heel Hop, the first low-impact, sexy, high-energy 
workout in heels. Kamilah gave me some incredible feedback that actually took my breath away. I simply wasn't expecting it.

"There's a brightness in you that comes right out when you're on stage," she said. "I didn't want you to stop.  If you had done a marathon, I would have walked every mile with you."  - Kamilah Forster

Kamilah is a professional dancer and has worked with Prince... in fact, he discovered her. She's a wonderful person, and I very much appreciated her candid comments, and she wasn't being flippant or superficial - she was serious, looking me straight in the eye and speaking with authority... and there was more. I feel very honored that she took the time to speak with me. Thanks, Kamilah - I appreciate everything you shared more than you know!

In all, it was a fantastic experience. The Walk at Home team never disappoints. My heartfelt thanks to Leslie, Marie, Andy and all of the others who stepped in to make the weekend such a great success!

Nancy Ehle is a Certified Walk 15® Instructor, Master Level, as well as a Group Fitness Instructor via the American Council On Exercise. She's also a Health Coach and has several other specialties. As Founder & CEO of Witness 4 Fitness in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Nancy believes that exercise is for everyone. Her specialty is the Walk 15® group fitness classes, where her passion shines through, motivating and inspiring participants to go the extra mile... literally. Follow Nancy on Facebook: facebook.com/WalkStrongCalgary. 

Walking - Exercise for Your Eyes

posted Jan 24, 2017, 7:50 PM by Walk Strong Calgary

Walking is a great way to give your eyes a break from technology. Many of us spend a LOT of time daily in front of screens - computer, IPad, IPhone... pick a device. On the bus today, there were 10 people sitting ahead of me... half of them were staring down at their phones... and they ranged in age from teens to older adult - this isn't age-specific. As a society, we stare at screens - it's just the reality in which we live. It's not necessarily a bad thing - the technology itself is great!

It's important, however, to allow your eyes the opportunity to focus at a variety of distances. Like any muscle, your eyes will adapt over time depending on how you're using them. I speak from experience. My optometrist told me years ago that I do too much close-up work - as an artist who loves doing fine details, I was often painting with my eyes only about a foot or so away from the canvas. I've been in front of computer screens as my day job for around 30 years. I write... a LOT... either in journals or on my laptop. I do graphic & web design and video editing... once again putting me in front of a computer screen for extended periods. At one point, my prescription for vision was changing twice a year... for the worse.

Four years ago, I had a dramatic change for the better - a change that surprised my optometrist just as much as it did me. There was a three-point improvement in my vision over a period of about a year, something we had never seen (no pun intended) in the 20 years I've been going to her. We had seen marginal improvements on recent exams, but this took us both by surprise. When I told her that I had been certified as a fitness instructor and had started taking a whole food supplement, she speculated that the combination of good nutrition and spending more time focusing across a room (i.e., at my class participants) were the catalysts. It made sense.

Whether you walk indoors or out, fitness walking forces your eyes to focus beyond the distance of your computer screen. Even if you walk with the Walk at Home DVDs, you're still giving your peepers a break by being farther away from the screen. You can purposely focus in the distance by looking out the window or across the room and you can stare at the horizon often when walking outdoors (hint: keep IPhone in pocket...).

Go ahead... exercise your eyes while you walk!

Nancy Ehle is a Certified Master Walk 15® Instructor, Health Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor. As Founder & CEO of Witness 4 Fitness in Calgary, her mission is to encourage people of all ages and sizes to get and stay active for their good health. Nancy believes that fitness should be fun - if you can find an activity you enjoy, you're much more likely to stick with it. Her enthusiasm is infectious! Follow her on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/WalkStrongCalgary

Walking the Walk - How 3 Miles Changed My Life

posted Nov 15, 2016, 12:18 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Nov 15, 2016, 12:21 PM ]

5 years ago today, I popped my very first Walk DVD into my DVD player, with no inkling of how walking with a woman named Leslie Sansone was about to change my life. I was at an all-time low mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and it didn’t help that the annual cycle of winter weight gain & depression was already starting.  I recall walking down a hallway at work with my head hanging low, eyes on the floor, shoulders hunched forward. I couldn’t will myself to walk upright… and it wasn’t physical. I was waking up daily with negative thoughts about myself, which is                       Walk with Leslie right now! Video courtesy Walk at Home
completely against my nature – and it was scaring me.                                                             

Thankfully, a radical change took place by the end of my first 3 miles with Leslie. It’s hard to put into words, because the experience was unlike anything I’d ever felt before or since. It went well beyond the normal endorphin rush I got from a run.  A joy came over me and into me and through me… it got right into my bones… that’s the best way I can describe it. I was actually walking around the house afterward wondering what the blazes was going on, saying things such as, “What IS this?”   A very heavy weight had tangibly lifted from my shoulders – it was the most liberating feeling I’ve ever had. The next day at work, people were asking what had happened to me – I was bouncing off the walls with excitement, there was fire in my eyes and a spring in my step; a complete contrast to my countenance in the days and weeks prior.

I couldn’t wait to get home that day for another workout from the DVD, and it was during that walk that I clued in as to what had happened the previous evening. As Leslie interacted with a cast member, she said, ‘Amen!’ to his comment. A light went on in my mind. She then started a set of kickbacks and said, “Raise your hands to heaven!” and went on, “C’mon, ya gotta put a little heaven into it – it makes me feel so good!” She talked about how important it is to count our blessings every day. It suddenly dawned on me - God was in the house… and my house. The Holy Spirit had intervened and filled me with joy… the Joy of the Lord. There’s nothing like the presence of the Spirit of the Living God to instantly, radically change a person. The impact of the whole experience was profound and long-lasting.

There’s much more to the story, as you can imagine, but in the weeks that followed the initial ‘joy infusion,’ I found myself bawling my eyes out as I walked with Leslie – tears of joy and healing. It was incredibly cleansing and felt so good. It seems funny looking back, because as silly as it sounds, I couldn’t wait to get home every day so I could cry with Leslie again. Walking and crying. Knee lifts and crying. Side steps and crying. Kicks and more crying. Now and then I’d shake the walls by shouting “Hallelujah!” when Leslie said ‘Raise your hands to heaven!” I still shake the walls now and then when I walk with the DVDs.

I know what it feels like to live in a deep state of oppression… and what it feels like to be set free. Oh. My. WORD. My circumstances didn’t change – I still had the same daily stressors to deal with – something inside me changed. Nehemiah 8:10 says “for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” I can attest to that!

I thank God for bringing Leslie’s program into my life and using her the way He did and still does. May He bless her 100-fold.

- Nancy Ehle, Master Walk 15® Instructor, Founder & CEO, Witness 4 Fitness

5 Years and Still Walking Strong

posted Nov 13, 2016, 3:05 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Apr 8, 2017, 6:05 AM ]

This week marks the 5-year anniversary of the night I popped my very first Walk DVD into my player... a Walk that changed my life. While I could certainly say "I wish I had found this sooner," I believe in God's perfect timing, and He led me to Leslie's workouts when I needed them most. 

I won't go into my full story, which I've shared many times, but suffice it to say, had I not started the program when I did, I would have been medicated and on stress leave. Everything changed, however, with a simple three-mile walk, and I'm now a huge advocate for using exercise to help deal with stress and depression. 

Here are just a few of the benefits I've reaped through the Walk at Home Program:

  • Inner Healing
    - That first month or so of walking in front of my TV gave me the inner strength and confidence I needed to pursue the final stages of my dream of becoming a published author. Had I not found Walk, I would have walked away (no pun intended) from that dream. 
  • No More Depression - The winter of 2011-2012 was the first winter in over 10 years wherein I didn't feel depressed... Every year it was getting worse and lasting longer. I've had only a few minor episodes since... Hallelujah!
  • No More Chronic Sinus Headaches - My sinus headaches were so bad and so frequent that my doc was baffled. Advil was a staple in my house... in the largest bottles available. Soon after starting the program, I began to notice that if I had a headache when I started a walk, it would be gone by the time the workout was over. I put it to the test over time and it was uncanny. Within about 6 months my headaches were almost completely gone. The ones I get now are few and far between, and are so minor in comparison that I often don't even take anything for them. Praise God!
  • Walking Broke the Annual Plateau - I used to have a cycle wherein I'd gain weight in the winter, lose it in the summer... all but that last 10 lbs that eluded me. I never seemed to be able to break through that plateau. With Walk at Home, I lost those 10 lbs in just 6 weeks - now THAT's getting your WALK on! 
  • Opportunity for a Career Change
     - About two months in, I was googling the program and came across a website wherein you could get certified to lead live classes. Long story short, I went for it, was certified in 2012 and in 2014 left an office career of 25+ years to do fitness full time. It was one of the BEST decisions of my life!
  • My Amazing WALK Family - I truly am in awe at the number of wonderful people who've come into my life since I found the program. From my fellow Walk 15® Instructors across the USA & Canada (LOVE YOU!) to my local class participants and fellow Walkers met via the official Walk at Home Facebook page... Janey-Girl in England, Olga in Russia, Carol in Australia, Asmaa in Wisconsin... Julie, Brenda, Dawn, Maria... I can't possibly list you all! You rock... I mean WALK!
Every morning I have a reason to get out of bed... many reasons actually. I'm very thankful to be in such a great stage of life, and I count my blessings every single day. Next year is the big 5-Oh for me, and I'm going in with the best mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health of my life thanks to Walk at Home and Walk 15®!
Health is Wealth!
- Nancy Ehle, Master Walk 15® Instructor
  Founder & CEO, Witness 4 Fitness

The Skinny on Grass-Fed Beef

posted Sep 21, 2016, 11:36 AM by Walk Strong Calgary

Many these days are steering away (no pun intended) from red meat. The reasons vary, from being uncomfortable with the conditions in which cattle are raised in commercial feed lots, to higher saturated fat content compared to other animal protein sources. If you're considering a change, you may be interested to learn about a potent and important nutrient found in beef, namely, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Whenever I read the term 'conjugated,' for some reason it makes me think of the term... ahem... 'regurgitated.' This is something some birds do to feed their young. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines conjugated as: "formed by the union of two compounds or united with another compound."i   In this case, we're talking about compounds that unite to make up a 'conjugated fatty acid.' CLA has in fact been linked to successful long-term weight management and optimum health, with some of the best sources being grass-fed beef and raw, unprocessed dairy products from grass-fed cattle. 

According to mercola.comii, there are multiple health benefits provided by CLA as shown in studies. These benefits include combating certain types of cancer, insulin resistance, asthma, inflammation, high blood pressure, food-related allergic reactions and more. When it comes to body composition, human trials show that CLA is beneficial for lowering body fatiii, especially when combined with regular exercise. An added bonus - CLA also preserves muscle tissue and may increase the body's metabolic rate. CLA is not produced naturally in the human body, so dietary sources are important - one of the best sources: grass-fed beef.

Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed - What's the Difference?

A cow is a '
ruminant animal,' i.e., it has a four-compartment stomachiv. Nutrients from plant-based foods are acquired through a fermenting process prior to digestion. Typically, the fermented 'cud' is regurgitated (aha! I knew that word was involved somehow!) and chewed again to further break the plant matter down for digestion. The natural diet of a cow is grass - in fact, if left on it's own, the animal would choose grass over other options like soy or corn (I can tell you from experience that they'll eat weeds, too... such as thistles... a weedy diet = weedy milk = weedy ice cream...). Grass-fed cattle have levels of CLA that are three times higher than grain-fed cattle. A grass-fed cow has close to the ideal ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for your body composition. A grain-fed cow's body composition is quite different, with studies showing the ratio to be anywhere from 5:1 to 13:1 in comparison to 2:1 for the grass-fed animal. This is just one of many differences between the two.

Choosing grass-fed beef and dairy products means you get a good balance of fatty acids and are ingesting a food source that is rich in the health-enhancing fats, low in those linked with various diseases. It also means you're eating fewer calories per serving. According to Dr. Mercola, a grass-fed beef diet may reduce caloric intake by as much as 17,000 per year - the equivalent of a 6-lb weight loss! 

For more information, read Dr. Mercola's complete article below - he covers the inferiority of factory farm produced food, processed meats and more. 

More reading on this topic:

Obesity: It's Time for A New Attitude

posted Aug 7, 2016, 9:43 AM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Aug 7, 2016, 9:44 AM ]

I often encounter judgment when it comes to people who are obese. In fact, I suspect they are among the most judged in society today. I think the top comment I've heard again and again from people is: "How could anyone let themselves get to that point?"
There are any number of factors that can lead to obesity, including some medications, which can make you gain weight. So can specific medical conditions such in as Derek Mitchell's case in the video below. Psychological and emotional issues can play a role, too, as can addictions to things such as on-line gaming, which leads to sitting for hours on end, likely reaching for unhealthy snacks to keep us going. We don't know what each other is truly dealing with. Each person has a unique story and likely a combination of life factors that resulted in his or her condition. Prevention may not be as simple as you may think in some cases, nor is losing the weight and keeping it off.

"Yeah, but still..." I encourage you to throw that thought out the window. It comes with a judge's gavel and if you're talking about or to a friend or relative who's obese, that doesn't help the person. It's time to turn our
thinking around.
A friend of mine in his 20's decided to get his weight under control a few years ago and went to a gym. He was ridiculed because of his size and someone approached him during his workout and asked what he was doing there. Good grief. He was there trying to take control of his health. He was there to make positive changes. If health clubs are only for the fit, then where's the hope for those who are overweight or obese?

Thankfully, attitudes are starting to change, but I think there will always be those who will judge by what their eyes tell them. It's human nature to immediately jump to a negative conclusion when we see someone who's obese, but we can counteract this by choosing positive actions. I can't imagine the struggles someone like Derek has gone through and still goes through as he improves his situation. I'm sure he encounters harsh stares and rude comments. But that's not deterring him. I love the shot of him reaching a hand out to a lady on the pathway and she responds by reaching out in kind and slapping his hand on the way by. Derek's journey is inspiring others - he's 60 lbs down and counting, and others are following in his footsteps. Next time you see someone like Derek walking in the park, go offer a high-five, an encouraging word, or a genuine smile. Make it an encounter that inspires him or her to keep going... not to give up. Derek's long-term goal is to lose a total of 400 lbs - it's well within the realm of possibility. Watch his story here:

What's YOUR Skinny?

posted Jun 11, 2016, 1:00 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Jun 11, 2016, 1:32 PM ]

Let's talk about skinny. I think there's a mindset we need to change where this term is concerned. 'Skinny' can be different for everyone, and it doesn't necessarily mean 'thin.'

As a society, we tend to celebrate skinny with advertising that depicts models who are size zeroes - not that there's anything wrong with being a size zero if it fits your body's frame and you're in good health. I love to watch old TV shows and am often amazed at how thin some of the actresses were in their younger years, but in a good way. They looked very healthy and likely were. Doris Day looked incredible throughout her career, and Stefanie Powers looked great during her Hart to Hart years... still does, in fact, considering she had lung cancer surgery about 7-8 years ago. (In an interview from 2010, Stefanie talked briefly about how exercise has become a necessity to expand her lungs to fill the cavity left when part of one lung was removed.1)

Unfortunately, young people in particular can struggle with body image and think they need to be a size zero to be skinny and look amazing. Regardless of your age, if this is your aim, you may well be setting yourself up for disappointment, as many factors come into play as to whether or not this is a realistic goal for you. I love the ads that use people of all sizes - this is reality. Not all of us are size zeroes... and that's OKAY!

Consider this: What's YOUR skinny? You don't have to be 'skinny' to feel 'skinny.' Do you need to lose 10 lbs to be at an optimum, healthy weight for you? Make that your skinny. Consult with your doctor on what a healthy weight is for you. Do you need to lose 50 lbs? There's your potential skinny... in fact, you can lose 5-10 of those 50 lbs and feel skinny due to the changes you'll see physically, mentally and emotionally - celebrate this as a milestone!

Just make it a milestone and not a millstone - we can become so concerned about the weight loss that this focus becomes a
hindrance to our efforts. "A millstone around your neck" is an idiom that refers to a problem or a responsibility you have continually that prevents you from doing what you want. It's a huge weight weighing you down (figuratively speaking) and hindering your progress.

Take your eyes off the scale and try to focus on all of the other health factors along the way:
  • Are you sleeping better?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Has it become easier to get up off the couch or to negotiate the stairs?
  • Are your joints aching less or has another issue gone away?
  • Are your clothes fitting differently? (You can lose inches and not have it reflected on the scale!)
  • Are you happier?
  • Are you more confident?
  • Are you feeling better about yourself?
All of these are important factors in your journey... maybe even more so than the weight loss.

So... What's YOUR skinny?

- Nancy Ehle is a Certified WALK 15® Instructor and ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She's also a Health Coach and has several other industry specialties. As Founder and CEO of Witness 4 Fitness in Calgary, Nancy designs fitness programs that are suitable for people of all ages and stages of life. She believes that everyone should be able to find an activity that fits their abilities and is enjoyable for them. Follow Nancy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WalkStrongCalgary/ 

High Pre-Heart Attack Fitness Improves Prognosis

posted Feb 6, 2016, 5:30 PM by Walk Strong Calgary

Celebrating Heart Month

We know that regular aerobic exercise (such as my favorite... brisk walking) helps reduce risk of heart disease, but did you know that it can also increase your chances of survival should you experience a heart attack?

Like all muscles in the body, the heart requires a constant supply of oxygen, which is provided by oxygenated blood delivered via the coronary arteries. Should one of these arteries become clogged, a portion of the heart is starved of oxygen, a condition called 'cardiac ischemia.' If this condition persists, the tissue dies, resulting in a 'myocardial infarction' (literally: 'death of heart muscle') - commonly known as a heart attack.

If you're getting the recommended minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise weekly, there's still no guarantee that you won't have a heart attack. You're certainly reducing your risk, though, and according to a recent study, if you do have one, having a stronger heart prior to the attack will help protect you afterward. Dr. Chip Lavie, Director of the Exercise Laboratories at the Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans, states that "Following a heart attack, having a higher level of fitness improves prognosis."

In a recent study, researchers from the Henry Ford Health System and the Johns Hopkins Hospital analyzed data from a study of over 2000 adults and reported that "something about being fitter prior to the heart attack helped protect people when measured one month, three months, and one year after it happened." Another reason to take steps now toward a stronger, more efficient heart!
If you've been diagnosed with heart disease or have high risk, shying away from exercise may be the last thing you want to do - it's actually very important to stay active. Consult with your doctor about beginning an exercise program suited to your specific needs - you'll be amazed at how far even a little exercise can go. According to Dr. Gordon Blackburn, program director of cardiac rehabilitation at the Cleveland Clinic, "There's a dose response to exercise. The more you stay with the exercise, the more you gain." Dr. Steve Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine for the clinic adds that heart patients "should be more worried about the effects of not exercising on their heart than exercising."

The general recommendation as mentioned above is 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, 75 minutes of vigorous activity, or a combination of both. Just 30 minutes of moderate activity a day most (if not all) days of the week can reduce risk and strengthen your most important muscle - the heart. Walking is an easy, inexpensive way to get started!

Happy Heart Month!

Nancy Ehle is a Certified Walk Leader and ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She holds several other industry certifications and specialties including Sports Nutrition, Health Coach, and Pilates Instructor. Her passion for helping people achieve their wellness goals is infectious! Follow her on Facebook and Twitter: facebook.com/WalkStrongCalgary twitter.com/NEhle99


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