3 Things That Can Help Beat Depression, and How to Combine Them into a Formula for Success

posted Aug 17, 2014, 4:18 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Aug 18, 2014, 8:33 PM ]
Depression – it’s no joking matter. Even mild cases can have a dramatic impact on a person, and there could be people in your life right now who are struggling without your knowledge. They may seem just fine on the outside but hurting terribly on the inside. My Mom has suffered from it for years, and in watching what she’s gone through, I’ve learned a lot – I’ve even had bouts of depression myself over the years. Here are 3 things that I’ve observed or experienced that can help beat it:

#3: Surround yourself with positive friends

This is something that really helps my Mom. Unless she’s had a really bad night, she gets up most mornings to drive to town for coffee with her friends in the café. She says that she ALWAYS feels better afterward and is ready to take on the day. You may not be able to meet with people daily, but you can certainly connect with people – build a support network – positive people who support, edify, and encourage you, whether it’s in person, on the phone, via e-mail or social media. I’ve developed a support network that spans the globe thanks to Facebook, with trusted friends as far away as England and Australia. If I need a little pick-me-up, I know I can turn to them for an encouraging word, and vice-versa.

#2 Counselling & Medication

If your depression worsens and/or persists, please consider seeking medical advice. Depression can have a medical cause that’s treatable through medication, or life circumstances can play a factor - grief over the loss of a loved one, unexpected job loss, breakup of a marriage or relationship, etc. Seeking help doesn’t mean you’re crazy or that there’s anything wrong with you or that you’re a failure – resist those thoughts, because they’re NOT true. Seek counselling or talk to your doc - they can help!

#1 Get active!

Exercise is a mood enhancer thanks to endorphins released into the system. I have yet to regret a workout, even during some of the most stressful times when I’d bawl through the whole thing while Leslie took me through the moves. I still felt better afterward and was glad I did it – exercise is therapeutic. 

Now let's take this a step further – take your medication (if applicable) and continue with counselling as needed, and exercise in a group setting with people like those described in #3 above! If you combine your support network with a good workout where you’re all working toward similar goals, lifting each other up, and releasing endorphins into your bloodstream, you’ve got a powerful combination for success! Gina nailed it in my promotional video when she talked about getting together with people she loves to meet, making new friends, and getting a good workout at the same time. It’s a super formula!  Beat depression hands down… or in our case feet down… sign up for "Move What God Gave You!"   coming in September!  

Nancy Ehle
Certified WALK Leader
Owner, Witness 4 Fitness