Health for the Holidays!

posted Nov 29, 2014, 2:34 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Nov 29, 2014, 2:35 PM ]
Give yourself the gift of health this Christmas by getting more active - it's easier than you think! Considering how hectic life is this time of year, starting an exercise program may be the last thing on your mind, but you don't have to go all out. Making small changes can make a BIG difference. Try these three tips:
#3 - Believe in Small Doses - Take 10-15 minutes here and there and get some kind of activity in throughout your day, whether that's walking, going up and down the stairs (that's superb for your heart, btw), hopping on the elliptical, playing outside in the snow with the kids (or your friends)... It doesn't matter what - just pick something and move your body! Set a calendar reminder at the office to prompt you to get up and take 5-minute walks. Both your eyes and your body will thank you for that! 

#2 - Join or Start a Fitness Challenge! This is a great way to keep motivated and be accountable, and it doesn't have to be a boot camp style. Grab a friend and set a goal to walk and/or run a set number of miles in December, whether that's on a treadmill, outdoors, or via a Walk "Live" class. Track your progress on a calendar, and  post what you're doing on Facebook - you might be surprised at how many people ask if they can do it with you! I have 26 people doing a 'Virtual Walk' challenge right now that started simply by my post about challenging myself to wake up and walk every day!

#1 - Join a Group Exercise Class Forgo an expensive club membership and find a class right in your neighborhood - your local community centre may have different types of classes running that you can join. Many will let you try a class for free before signing up for a series, and most have a drop-in option. Walk 'Live" Classes are a great example. WALK Leaders across the US and Canada are leading these low-impact, muscle-toning group exercise classes for walkers. They're fun, easy, and oh, so goooooood for the body, mind and soul! Click here for our class schedule, or visit to locate a leader near you!

Have a happy, healthy Christmas Season!
Nancy Ehle
Certified WALK Leader
Owner, Witness 4 Fitness