Leslie Sansone's Walk Concert 2013 - The Villages, FL

posted Mar 13, 2013, 10:47 AM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Mar 13, 2013, 10:47 AM ]
Leslie Sansone greets approx 1500-2000 Walkers at The Villages, FL
March 9, 2013 - Florida
I can't put into words how honored and blessed I feel to have been part of this event. Leslie is every bit as genuine as she appears to be in her DVDs. Her affection for her Walkers is evident in her very expressive face as she meets people and gives each and every one of them her undivided attention. With upwards of 2000 people in attendance, we rocked Market Square at The Villages! Or should I say, 'We WALKED Market Square...'  The excitement and energy in the crowd even before Leslie's arrival was infectious. These folks love to Walk, and they make no bones about it.... they LOVE LESLIE SANSONE! I met some incredible people in the crowd, and everyone was so patient in line for photos after the concert, which was out of this world fun! Just ask my new friend, young Ariana, who walked beside me throughout the 2 miles. Leslie is her hero, and when she got her hug, she was overwhelmed with emotion - I held her close until she could compose herself and made sure she was among the first in line for photos. It really touched me that her Grandmother, Diane, felt comfortable enough to entrust Ariana to my care in the throng of people. Leslie has a real heart for our young people, and she gave this little girl some very special attention!

My fellow Walk Leaders are among the most incredible men and women I've ever met. Father Scott, who is on Leslie's recent 3 Mega Miles DVD, is a scream! I made some very deep connections with so many, including fellow author Leslie Turner - she and I have so much in common! Paula Battle, her cousin Mary and Taisia Grissom were a JOY to hang out with the day before the Reunion. Three very strong women of God, and it was wonderful to share testimonies. I can't even name everyone here there were so many precious moments with the Leaders! I love you ALL! Many thanks to Ruth Hughes, who kept us in line - we can be a rowdy bunch, but in a very good way! Thanks Ruth, Beth, and Dorothy for all of your hard work in organizing the events!

I met Toni, Leslie's sister (second from the left in the photo on the right), on Friday, and we hit it off immediately - I just love this gal! She's every bit as kind, gracious, and loving as her sister. I think I was just as thrilled to meet Toni as I was Sweetie Leslie. We had a wonderful chat after the event, and prior to that, Toni actually recruited me to take photos for people with their cameras - she had no idea that I'm an amateur photographer. I was contacted the next day by someone who got home, went to look at the pictures, and flipped right out - she was expecting a couple of posed shots with Leslie - instead, there were a whack of candid photos of them together as they interacted - she indicated that some of the candid ones were better than the posed shots! Leslie's expressions when she chats with people are so wonderfully real and to be honest, quite hilarious at times, and I tried to capture that by taking 'rapid fire' shots with any camera that had the capability. I can't say enough just how genuine her love is for all of us. 

I had so much fun directing traffic for the photos, and it was so adorable to see people nervous about whether or not Leslie would give them a hug, or whether or not they'd be allowed to have their husband or sister or friend in the photo with them. Everyone was so thrilled with how approachable Leslie is, and she even allowed re-takes when someone's photos didn't turn out. That's just the kind of gal she is. Her beauty is all encompassing - her character, her integrity, her joy, her energy - she's just beautiful inside and out. 

Leslie's countenance expresses one word... Love.  When you walk away from an encounter with Leslie, you feel special. You believe that you matter. You believe that you’re worth something. You BELIEVE that you're loved. That’s the unconditional love of God. I have sensed that right from day one when I first started Walking with Leslie in November 2011. I’ve never seen a better example of the love of God, which has no bounds – it shines through so strongly, and words can’t express just how beautiful that is.

Thank you, Leslie, for all you are, and for bringing joy and the message of health to so many - physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The bible says 'you reap what you sow.' Know that the love you express and share with all of us is mutual - you are loved dearly by all of us! Also know that you and your lovely family are in my prayers. God bless you, Sweetheart!                                           

Nancy Ehle
Certified WALK Leader
Calgary, Alberta Canada