Tidbits from ICWC, Phoenix AZ, Sept 12-15 2013

posted Sep 20, 2013, 7:03 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Sep 20, 2013, 7:03 PM ]
I've always believed that true beauty comes from within, and that there is HUGE, God-given potential in each and every one of us to be exactly who He meant us to be - powerful men and women of God. What a joy it was to spend a few days in Phoenix with some truly beautiful, powerful brothers & sisters not only in the Lord, but also in sweat!  The first International Christian Wellness Conference will certainly not be the last!

When I arrived at Embassy Suites Phoenix Tempe, the first person I met other than hotel staff was the exquisite Alisa Keeton of Revelation Wellness. She took one look at me when I was checking in and a welcoming, accepting smile spread across her face as she walked over to introduce herself. What a doll! Re-connecting with my fellow Walk Leaders Linda and Father Scott, and of course the fabulous Ruth (who leads us all) was simply wonderful. We tag-teamed to lead a 2-mile Walk Live class on Saturday morning and it was a blast! I always love introducing this program to people! The more time I spend with my fellow Leaders, the more blessed I am... To meet so many amazing people who, like many of us, combine faith and fitness was definitely icing on the cake! The energy all weekend was exhilarating!

I missed many of Friday's workshops due to a work commitment, but did take in 'Crossfit and Christ' with Luke Conner. Oh my HEAVENS - what a workout! We Christians are NOT sissies! No WAY! One of the great things about this conference was having opportunities to try other types of fitness classes, all faith based, and ALL of them simply fantastic! There are so many superb choices out there in fitness, whether you're a beginner or are looking to be certified as an instructor. If you're looking for something faith-based, how about Holy Yoga REFITRevelation Wellness Instructor,or a Wellness Coach Certification... to name just a few (don't forget Walk Leader certification - another great choice!). 

'Worship in Movement' was by far my favorite workshop, led by Alisa Keeton - I was absolutely DRIPPING wet in no time! These were not just basic moves to elevator music... uh-uh!!! This was one powerful, energetic, heart-pumping workout! Lots of variation in the moves, and though I did struggle with coordination at times, it just didn't matter. We used what we refer to in our Walk Live classes as 'boosters' here and there - a resistance cord ... and... drum sticks! Those were stupendous! You put your whole body into that routine, let me tell you, and I felt the power in the room - we were doing some serious warfare in the spirit with those things - I loved every sweatin' minute! I thought I was going to break them I was whacking them so hard! Praise God! 

We finished that session with some meditation led by Alisa, during which I actually had a very brief vision of Jesus charging across a meadow to meet me. The pure joy that was in His eyes - in His entire countenance in fact - had me in tears. He radiated with delight and truth be known, He delights in each and every one of us in a way I don't think we can possibly comprehend. The depth of His Love is unimaginable.  

'Fitness Fusion' was another great session with the lovely Rachel Z. Davis, founder of Body Church. She did some excellent teaching before we did a challenging session that incorporated yoga moves and body sculpting exercises along with some contemplative or 'Selah' moments. She used the term 'selah' quite often, which really struck me, considering I published a devotional recently called 'Selah Moments - Quiet Contemplation!'

One of the non-active sessions in which I took part was 'Our Emotions Our Health,' presented by Amy Turner, CEO of Hiatus to Healing LLC. I loved her take on negative emotions and her tips on acknowledging them, not allowing them to define you, and then letting them go. The subject of boundaries was particularly interesting, and there were so many great examples given by the group from personal experience on all topics we discussed. 

In all, many of us formed new, exciting relationships throughout the weekend, and I'm sure each of us walked away from this experience stronger - stronger in our faith, in our physical bodies, in our emotional health, in our mental health... the list goes on! God bless!

Nancy Ehle
Certified WALK Leader
Calgary, Alberta Canada