Walk at Home November Challenge Announced!

posted Oct 31, 2013, 2:29 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Oct 31, 2013, 2:29 PM ]
Leslie's October 'Walk it off in 30 Days' challenge was so popular that she has extended it for the month of November! The daily 'Slimmer by Thanksgiving' (US Thanksgiving, that is) assignments are posted on the blog, and after a much deserved day of rest (DOR) November 1, we get right back at it! Click the link below for details! 

Personally, I really needed to bump things up a bit, and the October challenge was perfect timing. I'm currently doing three Walk Live classes per week, which incorporate hand weights or firming bands, depending on the class, and I do work out at home on the days I don't have class. However, what I was finding is that I wasn't disciplined enough where strength training goes, especially around the lower body & core. Belly, hips & thighs are my trouble areas, and I've found I can't let them have much time off, because I swear that due to all of the sitting I do, that's where gravity takes any extra body fat - LOL! I was noticing it in the way my clothes fit. The challenge made a huge difference! I was already planning to start the October challenge over again when she announced her intention to continue into November - whoo hoo! Happy camper!

This is such a great way to find encouragement and motivation as you work toward your goals. Leslie joined us on Twitter almost daily during October and will be with us off and on in November as time permits. I'm not so good at Twitter, but it's been a lot of fun making new friends, including a lovely gal in Australia. Be sure to get the correct Twitter account for Leslie, as there is one out there that looks legit but is not affiliated with Walk at Home. The correct one is : @LeslieWalks. Here's a precious response received to one of my tweets during Leslie's live 'Twitter Chat' on October 30:

Walk on, everyone!
Nancy Ehle
Certified WALK Leader
Calgary, Alberta CANADA