Walk TV & Review of 'Punch Up Your Walk'

posted Apr 7, 2013, 3:56 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Apr 7, 2013, 3:56 PM ]
Last year, the folks at Walk at Home launched a new software environment on their website called 'Walk TV.'  As a WALK Leader, I like to try things out for myself so I can give my own Walkers some insight, and I gave it a go this past week. 

What is 'Walk TV,' you ask? This application allows you to instantly download some of Leslie Sansone's workouts, and they'll never be damaged or lost - even if your hard drive crashes. You don't need to be connected to the internet to use the videos once downloaded, and you can even watch using your iPad or iPhone. There's a guide available as well should you wish to hook up your computer or laptop to your TV. For me, I always travel with my laptop these days and having a couple of 'Leslie walks' right on my hard drive will save me having to remember to take a DVD along and I can't lose or misplace a Walk TV video!  

Accessing the system is very easy - just go to this link: http://www.walkathome.com/walk-tv/. I highly recommend reading the FAQ's first (scroll down on the page to view), and you'll need to download the free Walk TV player app (also on that page). 

To view the list of videos currently available, select "Click here to start shopping!" Scroll down to view the list, and click on 'More Info' should you wish to preview a clip from each video before adding to your cart.

I did have some issues with the download - I purchased two videos and the second one stalled on me with an 'Execution Error' for which a solution was not listed on Leaping Brain's troubleshooting page (a link was available when I downloaded). After some trial and error, I fired off an e-mail to their tech support outlining the details of the issue. Leaping Brain's customer service was simply excellent - I e-mailed in the evening 
and had a response first thing the next morning indicating they were looking into the problem. They also provided an alternate way to access the video on line in the meantime. The problem was resolved the same day and the video downloaded perfectly. One tip - if you do have issues downloading, before you try again, hold down the alt key and click the video title - click 'Yes, please delete this course' to remove it and then try the download again.  Also, once the download is complete, you may need to close and relaunch the application in order to play the video the first time.
I have to admit that I'm very impressed with the quality - they're every bit as clear as a DVD, and unlike videos viewed on line, there's no issue with 'pauses' or 'lags' when my browser experiences a slow connection. I don't use the Walk Social videos much for this reason, but it's important to note that this is not due to a quality issue with Walk Social - it's an issue with the speed of my own internet connection. With Walk TV, I actually found the picture to be clearer than a DVD - there is slight distortion with the latter when using my laptop. The audio was well balanced as well, and sounded great on my little 'Jambox' speaker. I will definitely consider purchasing additional videos via Walk TV, and highly recommend it.

Punch Up Your Walk - 4 Mile Walk Featuring Weighted Gloves
This video is one I've heard many Walkers mention on Leslie's Facebook page and have been dying to try. I love anything with punching involved... This 4-mile walk utilizes weighted gloves - I used 2 lb gloves, but you could easily use regular hand weights. It's a great workout, featuring all of the basic moves of course, and she throws in some nice variations and a neat bicep curl with mini-squats that feels just great! 

Now it's time for some honesty - I struggle with coordination, which might surprise you if you've ever seen me lead a Walk Live Class. It's true, though. When I first started walking with Leslie, I had a heck of a time getting my opposite hand to reach during kicks. Then I couldn't figure out the tap out with the lunge & reach! I actually stopped, walked right up to the TV, and said, "Leslie! How are you doing that?" Once I watched her, I nailed it! So don't feel bad if you have to work at coordination - for me, sometimes it's the simplest moves that throw me for a loop. In this video, Leslie does a 'step tap' move where you step forward, bring your feet together, and step back again. Blast it, do you think I could get it? My feet kept saying, "Yay! It's Mambo time!" Meanwhile, my brain was saying, "Now cut that out, you two! It's NOT a Mambo!" Then try adding in the arm extension, followed by a punch! Ugh! I'm sure glad Leslie did this move several times during the 4 miles, because I finally got it in the end. I love that - it's so good to challenge yourself! 

Overall, I loved this walk and it really gave my upper body a good workout. Leslie's videos have so much variety between them, and I love how she teaches as she goes. In this one, I learned that so long as you didn't just stuff yourself with Thanksgiving dinner, it's okay to work out after you eat. I've always thought my body needed time to digest, but she said that so long as it wasn't a huge meal, your body can handle it. Leslie's encouragement and motivation always bring me back for more, and she never fails to put a smile on my face. I just love her sense of humor! 

I do have to say that I'm rather partial to the New Castle studio - for some reason it just feels like home when I see it. The California studio is beautiful, too, but there's just something about seeing Leslie in her own environment. In all, I give Punch Up your Walk a HUGE thumbs up! Walk on, walk strong!

Nancy Ehle
Certified WALK Leader
Calgary, Alberta CANADA