Your WALK Leader is also a Published Author!

posted Jul 25, 2012, 4:45 PM by Walk Strong Calgary   [ updated Jul 28, 2012, 11:25 AM ]
About a month after discovering Walk at Home and experiencing a radical inner healing, I approached a publisher for my novel, the first in an open-ended series. Although the submission was accepted, I came up against some unexpected resistance from some people around me who meant well, but were basically trying to force their doubts and negativity on me. Had this happened just one month prior, before the Lord used Leslie to do a major work and restored His joy within me, I would not have had the inner strength to take a stand. "The Joy of the Lord is our strength." There was no doubt in my mind that this was God's perfect timing in my life, based on many things that had happened since Nov 2, 2011. I went ahead and I still say that had I not been walking with Leslie at the time, I would have walked away from my dream, for just one month prior, I would not have had the strength mentally, physically or spiritually to have dealt with the resistance I encountered. I give glory to God for healing me, for I haven't looked back! 

The Timekeepers: Book I - A Play for Time is sci-fi, but it's not 'way out there' - there are no aliens and we don't visit other planets (yet...). It also contains very strong morals - no sexual content, profanity, or excess violence. It's about a group of time travellers who come back in time to study history first hand, and they use some pretty cool technology to do it. My Mom said it reads more like a mystery novel than science fiction, and I've had several people tell me that they don't typically read this genre, but they really enjoyed my book. Some have said that once they got to a certain point they couldn't put it down! We do visit a couple of actual historical events in the book, such as the Challenger Disaster of 1986, events that I researched in detail, but for the most part, the story line surrounds political intrigue as a crooked politician tries to get the project shut down for his own gain. Our main character, Professor Zoe Turner, is stranded in the past while on a mission and the accident is used as further ammunition to that end. Meanwhile, Zoe must protect the timeline, a task made more daunting when she realizes her presence in the past actually becomes part of history!

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