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Nancy G Ehle  
- Master Walk 15® Instructor, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Artist, Photographer & Author

Nancy is a dynamic, outgoing individual with a gift for encouraging others. Her positive energy is infectious and abundant. After over 25 years working in office environments, she discovered a passion for fitness through Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home program and eventually left her desk job to become a full-time fitness instructor. 

When Nancy discovered the program in 2011, she was going through a dark period wherein ongoing stress and other factors had led to a case of mental burnout. She was also in a cycle of losing weight in the summer and gaining it all back in the winter, which brought a measure of seasonal depression.

"I hated the way my body felt, and the extra weight was around my middle - the worst place when it comes to risk of heart disease, which runs in my family. I knew needed something that was fun to do - something I'd stick with for lasting results to improve my overall health status."

Nancy wasn't expecting what happened when she popped that first DVD into the machine. She had a joy come over her that got right into her bones, and it didn't dissipate like endorphins would... it kept getting stronger. The more she walked with Leslie, the more healing took place, and she lost ten lbs in just six weeks. There were gains as well - gains in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength, gains in self-confidence and self-worth and above all, tremendous gains in how she perceived herself. 

"For the first time in my adult life, I was looking in the mirror and loving who I saw. You can't put a price on that." - Nancy Ehle

Since 2011, Nancy has not only been certified as a Master Walk 15® Instructor, but also has certifications in sports nutrition, Pilates and as a Health Coach. She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as well. Also to her credit is a science fiction novel published in January, 2012 entitled "The Timekeepers: Book I - A Play for Time," and a devotional featuring some of her artwork and photography - "Selah Moments - Quiet Contemplation." Nancy recently partnered with VIDA Voices to create a clothing line featuring her artwork and photography.

                                      The Timekeepers                                                                          Selah Moments - Quiet Contemplation

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Nancy is a Christian and an active member of her church, Symons Valley Full Gospel, in Calgary, Alberta.